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Round face shapes are widest across the cheekbones, narrowing some at the forehead and jawline. This face shape is not angular at all, and is wider than the typical oval or oblong face. If you have a round face shape, you may want to avoid any hairstyle that is ear-length, as this makes the face look wider. Also, avoid blunt- cut straight bangs and styles that add volume or curl to the sides without any on top. The most balanced and flattering styles on a round face are those that add fullness at the crown or top of the head, as well as longer styles with little width. Wispy, or side- swept bangs are best, and very short styles can work as well, as long as they are shorter than ear length. Go for highlights and lowlights!


Ask Jim to keep color deeper at the temples and place highlights at the cheekbones to add softness.


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